24 February 2019

Real Estate Law in Turkey

Real Estate Law in Turkey

Real estate refers to producing, buying and selling real estate. Real Estate law in Turkey becomes very important because of real estate industry is an important driver of economic growth.

Globally, the real estate investment market is said to be displaying exceptional liquidity in both the equity and debt markets, with a huge weight of money chasing commercial property.

Real estate law deals with a variety of related issues, including: rights and interests in real property; sales, purchases and other transfers of real property; legal aspects of rental property and landlord issues; tenants’, renters’ and homeowners’ rights; title to real property; settlement of claims against property rights; property development; zoning and land use; related agriculture issues; home loans and various other relevant topics.

We offer the skill and experience to handle complex real estate transactions efficiently and cost-effectively. Our goal is to enable clients to proceed quickly and to facilitate successful completion of each transaction, solving problems as they may arise.

Our services include:

  • representation of buyers and sellers in the acquisition and disposition of the various kinds of real estate including office buildings, retail centers, industrial properties and residential properties;
  • examination of title to real estate, evaluation and negotiations;
  • land use entitlements, due diligence investigations and compliance with laws;
  • negotiation and preparation of development and construction agreements and other documents required to develop and construct office buildings, shopping centers, mixed-use projects and industrial sites;
  • negotiation and preparation of office, retail and industrial leases;
  • representation of lenders and borrowers in real estate secured loan originations, loan sales and purchases and other debt arrangements;
  • advising lenders, borrowers, partners, landlords, tenants and developers in real estate transactions;
  • representations of real estate owners, buyers, sellers, lessors, brokers, lenders, and developers in, among other things, contract disputes, construction disputes, eminent domain proceedings, title disputes, loan service and bankruptcy.

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