Our law firm is based in Istanbul and has been operating nationwide in Turkey since 2013. Alongside experienced Turkish lawyers, mediators, and other expert partners, we provide legal services to both companies and individuals in Turkey and internationally.

By combining extensive knowledge and experience in the services we provide to our clients, we offer effective legal support at both local and international levels as a Turkish Law Firm. We ensure the most effective resolution of legal issues by providing solutions that encompass strategic approaches to our clients’ legal problems.

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Our Partners

As the legal team at C&B Law Firm, we successfully blend our experience and legal expertise to meet the legal needs of our clients, providing a reliable and transparent service

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Practice Areas

Our law firm provides legal representation and consultancy services. We are committed to delivering the high-quality legal support our clients require by closely monitoring legal and economic developments both in Turkey and worldwide.

C&B Law Firm operates in various fields of law, including but not limited to Commercial Law, Inheritance Law, Contract Law, Family Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Real Estate Law, Information Technology Law, and Sports Law.

In accordance with our clients’ needs, our team of lawyers provides services in the following areas:


Special Expertise Areas

We provide services to our clients in areas of Turkish Law and International Law that require specialized expertise. These legal domains demand technical knowledge and experience due to their unique characteristics and legal regulations. Improper implementation of procedural steps in these areas can lead to wasted time and, potentially, irreversible rights loss. Therefore, it is imperative that areas requiring specialized expertise are meticulously monitored by expert attorneys.

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You can contact us for legal support in areas requiring specialized expertise such as International Commercial Contracts, Sports Law, Inheritance Probate Processes, and the Return of Children Abducted Abroad under the Hague Convention.

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You can contact us for your legal support requests. Our expert Turkish lawyers would be happy to assist you.

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In order to provide our clients with the support they need as a Law Firm in Turkey, we closely monitor developments both domestically and internationally, and strive to keep ourselves updated by focusing on continuous academic development.