Child Support in Turkey


Child Support Law in Turkey

Turkish Child Support is the right of the child. It’s not your right. It’s not your spouse’s right. So when you think about Child Support in Turkey, think about your child benefiting from it, not anyone else. But you need to make sure you are either paying or receiving the right child support amount. Child support helps to ensure that financial needs of your child are met. Turkish Child support is a very complex area of law simply because children have so many different expenses. And parents need to work and earn enough money to support them. If a parent chooses not to work or pay support, he or she can face extreme consequences for such decision.

You need to pay child support if your child resides with the other parent and has custody of the child. The amount of monthly child support is calculated based on your gross income. Additionally, your child may have special expenses that you may be responsible for. As a stepparent of a child, you also may be ordered to pay child support upon separation from your spouse. Monthly child support pays for daily costs of food, shelter and other basics. Other things such as swimming classes, tutoring or daycare are special expenses.

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