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A rental Lawyer in Turkey is a legal professional specialized in the field of rental law, equipped with expertise and extensive experience in rental law in Turkey. Collaborating in disputes related to rent and focusing on minimizing legal losses is of critical importance.

The duties of a rental Lawyer in Turkey involve providing professional services that concentrate on the legal relationships between landlords and tenants. In our country, rental law is one of the legal branches with the most intense case traffic, as our country has a wide range of rental properties. This situation highlights the importance of being knowledgeable about rental law in Turkey.

A rental property lawyer in Turkey not only protects the rights of the landlord but also acts as a tenant rights lawyer in Turkey. Protecting the rights arising from rental law for tenants and ensuring housing rights are as important as protecting the rights of landlords. Therefore, lawyers serving as rental Lawyer in Turkey can also be considered as tenant lawyer in Turkey.

It should be noted that a decision not made correctly and in a timely manner can cause significant harm to both parties. To prevent and resolve these damages, it is crucial to work with a team specialized in rental law in Turkey.


A rental property lawyer in Turkey covers all kinds of disputes related to rental relationships. This legal term encompasses various types of properties such as shops, apartments, residences, business premises, or land. The scope of work for a rental attorney in Turkey includes issues like the termination of commercial lease agreements. Similarly, the landlord’s right to possession is also within the expertise of rental lawyer in Turkey. In this context, rental lawyers contribute to the resolution of problems arising from rental relationships by providing comprehensive and effective legal support to their clients.

These specialized attorneys meticulously review their clients’ lease contracts and prepare various contracts and protocols compliant with rental law. Additionally, they successfully handle eviction cases, particularly those related to payment issues, leveraging their knowledge and experience in rental law in Turkey.

rental property lawyer in turkey


Significant changes occurred in rental law with the implementation of the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098 on July 1, 2012. This law repealed the Law on Real Estate Leases No. 6570.

This situation implies that the old law applies to lease agreements made before July 1, 2012, while the Law No. 6098 is applicable to agreements made after this date. However, the new Code of Obligations will have an impact on issues such as default, contract termination, and eviction. Therefore, the date on which lease contracts are prepared is of great importance.

To obtain detailed information about real estate law, including rental law, in Turkey, you can visit our “Real Estate Law in Turkey” page.


Rental law encompasses the responsibilities arising from a contract between the owner of a property and the tenant who uses the property. The owner of the property is the one who rents out the property, and the tenant uses the property for a specified fee. During the period of use, the tenant regularly pays the rent at intervals, and details regarding the use are specified in the rental agreements.

The conditions for rent payment are clearly stated in the signed rental agreement, and payment can be made through various means such as cash, shares, foreign currency, or gold. If the tenant fails to fulfill the specified payment method, the property owner has the right to file an eviction lawsuit against the tenant.

If the tenant does not accept the eviction lawsuit, it is managed through a lawyer. Rental property lawyer in Turkey, due to their expertise in the field and mastery of legal rules, can assist in concluding your procedures quickly and effectively. As rental law is a complex branch of law that includes various subcategories, working with an expert rental attorney in Turkey is of great importance.


Rental agreements are a type of contract that regulates the right to use and benefit, involving mutual obligations, and is widely used. However, in practice, this contract can bring many legal issues. In addition to residential and commercial lease agreements, there are various lease agreements such as financial leasing, fleet leasing, and product revenue leasing.

A rental contract can be made orally or in writing without being subject to any form requirements; however, it is beneficial to have it in writing for the proof of the existence and terms of the contract in case of possible legal disputes. Also, having lease agreements signed in the presence of a notary and authenticated by the notary can prevent the parties from denying their signatures in the future. It is also important to have the lease agreement recorded with a tenant rights lawyer in Turkey in the land registry to protect the tenant’s rights against third parties.

In lease agreements, details such as the current condition of the property, a list of fixtures, and their conditions must be specified. Additionally, it should be clearly stated who will bear the costs of dues, bills (electricity, water, natural gas, etc.), and expenses arising from the lease agreement (stamp duty, etc.). The amounts of the deposit and other expenses should also be written in the lease agreement. Future rent increases should be determined and recorded. Furthermore, information on when and how payments will be made and details regarding the rent amount should be clearly stated in the agreement.


Rental property lawyer in Turkey and tenant Lawyer in Turkey can prepare lease agreements. Although it is not a mandatory requirement, having an expert attorney draft a lease agreement can be advantageous. tenant lawyer in Turkey identify and address any deficiencies that may exist in the content of the rental agreement, thereby protecting the parties from potential problems.

Law firms can not only draft lease agreements but also provide consultancy during the contract process. However, an attorney requires specific authorization to sign a lease agreement. If the power of attorney explicitly grants the attorney the authority to sign a lease agreement, they can do so with that authorization.

In practice, considering that the fixed preparation of standard lease agreements can lead to various issues, having a rental lawyer in Turkey prepare the agreement can prevent potential disputes and better protect the rights of the parties.


Rental transactions are handled by a rental property lawyer in Turkey with specialized expertise in this field. This area encompasses various issues and can be listed as follows:

  • Determination or Adjustment of Rent Amount: A rental law attorney provides advice to clients on the fair and legal determination of rent or the modification of existing rent over time. Taking into account market conditions, local legal regulations, and contract provisions, they develop solution-oriented strategies to protect the rights of their clients.
  • Eviction of the Leased Property: In legal processes related to the tenant vacating the leased property, a tenant eviction lawyer in Turkey manages the eviction process while protecting the tenant’s rights. They follow legal procedures diligently and aim to protect the rights of both parties.
  • Termination of the Lease Agreement: In case of unresolved disputes between parties, attorneys represent clients in the legal termination process of the lease agreement. They evaluate options such as court proceedings, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution and determine the most suitable strategy for their clients.
  • Conflicts Arising from Non-Performance of Obligations under the Rental Agreement: In cases of disputes arising from the non-performance of contractual obligations, tenant rights lawyer in Turkey provides legal support to clients. He develops various legal strategies to resolve disputes between parties and protect the rights of clients.
  • Termination of the Contract Due to Unpaid Rent: Tenant lawyer in Turkey takes action to protect the rights of clients in legal problems faced by tenants due to unpaid rent. He works to ensure the proper termination of the contract.
  • Compensation for Damage Due to Tenant’s Ordinary Use Upon Termination of the Lease Agreement: Attorneys specializing in rental law handle compensation claims for damages resulting from situations arising from the termination of the lease agreement due to the tenant’s ordinary use. They provide legal guidance to clients, striving to defend their rights in court and negotiations.
  • Compensation for Damages Arising from Improper Use of the Leased Property: In legal processes related to damages arising from the improper use of the leased property, rental Lawyer in Turkey handles compensation claims to protect the rights of clients. He gathers evidence, build legal arguments, and represent clients in court.
  • Eviction in the Event of the Expiry of the Lease Agreement: In the event of the expiration of the lease agreement, a tenant eviction Lawyer in Turkey, in accordance with local legal regulations, represents clients to manage the eviction process. Their responsibilities include organizing the eviction process, filing with the court when necessary, and protecting the rights of clients.
  • Eviction Based on a Written Eviction Commitment: In evictions based on written eviction commitments between parties, attorneys guide clients through the legal processes and take necessary steps to protect their rights.
  • Objection and Negotiation Regarding Rent Increases: Tenant rights lawyer in Turkey represents clients in the process of objecting to and negotiating rent increases for tenants, striving to ensure fair rental terms.
  • Examination of Terms and Conditions in Lease Agreements: Rental attorney in Turkey and tenant lawyer in Turkey examine the terms of lease agreements for tenants or landlord candidates to ensure a fair balance between parties and provide consultancy to prevent future disputes.
  • Mediation for the Resolution of Lease Agreement Disputes: Attorneys have experience in resolving disputes arising from lease agreements through mediation. This aims to achieve a faster and cost-effective solution by facilitating compromise between parties before resorting to court proceedings.
  • Tenant Rights in the Process of Landlord Selling the Property: In cases where the landlord sells the property, a tenant rights Lawyer in Turkey guides clients to protect the rights of tenants. They provide legal support to ensure fair information for tenants and protect their rights. For detailed information please visit our “Tenants Rights After Property is Sold” page.
  • Responsibilities Arising from the Lease Agreement for Goods and Fixtures: Attorneys handling legal obligations arising from lease agreements for goods and fixtures for tenants clarify responsibilities between parties and resolve disputes.
  • Unjust Termination and Compensation in Rental Relationships: In cases of unjust termination of the contract by the tenant or landlord, a rental law attorney represents clients, providing protection against the consequences of unjust termination and managing compensation claims.

If the property being rented is located in Istanbul, it is recommended to hire an Istanbul-based rental attorney in Turkey. This is because the early, prompt, and effective intervention of a local rental law attorney in Istanbul in the event of a rental dispute will help manage the current situation better.

eviction lawyer in turkey


In today’s world, rental relationships can encounter various difficulties for numerous reasons, occasionally leading to the consideration of evicting the tenant. However, the process of evicting a tenant is quite comprehensive and complex. This process cannot be carried out without a court order and adherence to legal procedures.

There can be several reasons for a tenant’s eviction, including common issues such as rent arrears, misuse of the property, claims of necessity, or breach of contract. However, even in the presence of these reasons, it is crucial to follow the correct procedures for the tenant’s eviction in Turkey.

The eviction process requires filing a case in court. Throughout the court application process, the organization and completeness of documents, as well as compliance with legal procedures, are of great importance. A mistake can prolong or completely cancel the eviction process. Therefore, obtaining correct and reliable legal support from a tenant eviction lawyer in Turkey holds critical importance for the landlord.

Apart from the eviction case, the eviction procedure itself is challenging and intricate. The eviction process must be carried out in accordance with legal procedures without violating the tenant’s rights. Moreover, any intervention or eviction attempt without a court order can lead to legal problems.

In this process, communication between the parties, resolving disputes, and finding an appropriate solution are also crucial. However, even before disputes escalate to court, seeking assistance from a tenant eviction lawyer in Turkey is an important step.

In conclusion, the process of evicting a tenant is more complex and delicate than it may initially seem. Adhering to legal procedures, taking the right steps, and seeking support from a tenant eviction Lawyer in Turkey can ensure a successful outcome. It should be noted that any mistake can prolong or cancel the eviction process, making a careful and expert approach imperative.

For detailed information on the tenant eviction process in Turkey, you can refer to our article “Tenant Eviction Lawsuit.”


Rental law is often perceived to focus on the rights of landlords; however, the protection of tenants’ legal rights is equally crucial. Tenants must be well-versed in their rights within the framework of rental law, and tenant rights lawyer in Turkey plays a significant role in informing tenants about these rights.

In contemporary times, situations such as exorbitant rent increases and unlawful demands from some landlords are common. Tenants who are unaware of their legal rights may become vulnerable to such demands and may seriously jeopardize their housing rights by not consulting a tenant lawyer in Turkey. This situation can negatively impact tenants not only financially but also emotionally.

Our rental laws encompass various regulations designed to protect tenants. These regulations aim to ensure that tenants are treated in accordance with legal provisions and their rights are safeguarded. For instance, specific limitations have been imposed on rent increases, allowing tenants to defend themselves against such demands based on their legal rights. Tenants can also demand that fundamental maintenance and repairs in their homes be carried out by landlords and can defend their rights in this regard. A tenant rights lawyer in Turkey will inform tenants about these aspects.

In conclusion, rental law regulations aim not only to focus on the rights of landlords but also to protect tenants. Being well-informed about these rights enables tenants to defend themselves against unjust demands and effectively protect their housing rights. Consulting a tenant rights lawyer in Turkey and seeking legal support can prevent many unjust practices and thwart numerous unlawful demands imposed on tenants.

For detailed information on the most crucial tenant right, namely limitations on excessive rent increases, you can review our page “Objecting to Exorbitant Rent Increases.”


Rental law is an extensive and highly comprehensive legal field with detailed and complex procedural rules. Knowledge in this area becomes not only significant but also more effective when combined with practical experience. It should be remembered that a small procedural error, no matter how justified one may be, can lead to irreversible loss of rights. Expertise in rental law requires accurate and careful steps at each stage.

Rental relationships are subject to a series of legal regulations, and navigating compliance with these regulations is complex. Therefore, the importance of practical experience in addition to knowing rental law in Turkey cannot be overstated. Inexperience can further complicate legal challenges related to rental agreements, eviction processes, and property usage.

Hence, seeking guidance from a professional rental attorney in Turkey is critically important to ensure compliance with legal requirements at every stage and to prevent potential issues. Expertise in rental law involves managing legal processes accurately to maintain a balance between parties, ensure the proper exercise of rights, and provide a fair resolution. In this context, having the correct information, experience, and professional guidance minimizes risks in legal processes and establishes a solid legal foundation for successful navigation in rental law in Turkey.


The fees for rental lawyer in Turkey can vary widely based on several factors, including the geographical location, the complexity of the case, and the attorney’s level of experience. Typically, tenant lawyer in Turkey may charge hourly rates, flat fees for specific services, or even work on a contingency fee basis, depending on the nature of the legal assistance required. It is crucial for individuals seeking the services of a rental lawyer to discuss and clarify the attorney’s fee structure during the initial consultation to ensure transparency and avoid any misunderstandings.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that some tenant rights lawyer in Turkey may offer free consultations or reduced-fee initial meetings to discuss the specifics of a case. This can be particularly beneficial for tenants with limited financial resources, allowing them to access legal advice and explore potential courses of action without incurring significant upfront costs. Therefore, individuals facing landlord-tenant issues should inquire about the possibility of free or reduced-fee consultations during their initial contact with a tenant lawyer.

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