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Inheritance lawyer in Turkey is an expert professional who provide consultancy and representation services in all legal matters related to inheritance law. Attorneys specialized in this field are commonly known as also probate lawyer in Turkey, with the purpose of offering services related to inheritance cases and inheritance law.

An inheritance lawyer in Turkey successfully manages the fundamental processes of inheritance law, including the preparation of wills, the creation of inheritance contracts, the initiation of cases to reject inheritance, the commencement of estate determination cases, the filing of partition lawsuits to facilitate the division of shared inheritance, the handling of reduction lawsuits, and the pursuit of lawsuits alleging the falseness of the inheritance. Additionally, they meticulously follow processes such as obtaining a certificate of inheritance in Turkey and carrying out inheritance transfer procedures, providing their clients with comprehensive services.


The responsibilities of a inheritance lawyer in Turkey generally focus on the following areas:

1) Legal Consultancy

    • Providing general legal advice to the client regarding inheritance in Turkey.
    • Informing the client about legal processes and rights.
    • Guiding the client on the obligations and rights of heirs.


2) Representation in Probate Cases

      • Undertaking legal representation of the client in probate cases.
      • Defending the client’s rights in court during probate cases.
      • Striving for resolution in disputes.

3) Case Preparation and Reviews

    • Gathering and examining necessary documents before inheritance cases.
    • Preparing legal arguments and presenting them in court.
    • Monitoring developments in the case and updating strategies during legal proceedings.


4) Risk Analysis and Solution Proposals

      • Assessing the client’s situation to identify risks.
      • Proposing alternative solutions.
      • Developing strategies to prevent the loss of the client’s rights.

5) Examination of Wills and Legal Documents

    • Checking the legal validity of wills and other legal documents.
    • Assisting in the preparation or revision of wills according to the client’s requests.

6) Obtaining Heirship Certificates and Other Legal Documents

    • Managing the process of obtaining documents that prove the client’s heirship.
    • Assisting in the preparation of documents such as heirship certificates and title deeds about Turkish property inheritance law.

7) Determining and Distributing Inheritance Shares

    • Determining inheritance shares in accordance with legal regulations.
    • Advocating for a fair distribution of the inheritance in Turkey.

8) Protecting the Client’s Interests

    • Safeguarding the client’s interests related to inheritance in Turkey.
    • Achieving favorable outcomes for the client in legal proceedings.

9) Execution of Inheritance Transfer Procedures

    • Facilitating the transfer of the deceased’s estate to the heirs.
    • Handling the necessary fees and payments for inheritance transfer.
    • Transferring real estate and other assets from the estate to the heirs.

You can visit our “Probate in Turkey” page for detailed information on the inheritance transfer process.

10) Mediation Process

    • Managing the mediation process between the client and other parties involved in inheritance disputes.
    • Facilitating communication between parties to focus on resolving disputes.
    • Managing negotiations and utilizing mediation skills to achieve reconciliation.
    • Assisting in the preparation of written or verbal agreements between parties.
    • Contributing to the resolution of issues without resorting to court through the mediation process.

11) Consulting for Inheritance Tax in Turkey

  • Calculating and paying inheritance tax in Turkey for the inherited assets.
  • Notifying relevant institutions about the payment of inheritance tax in Turkey.
  • Objecting to incorrectly calculated tax amounts by the tax office.


Inheritance lawyers typically handle the following examples of probate cases, along with details about each case:

  1. Certificate of Inheritance (Heirship Certificate): An inheritance lawyer in Turkey manages the process of obtaining a certificate of inheritance, which determines the legal status of heirs.
  2. Partition Lawsuit : This involves the division of a shared inheritance. Probate lawyer in Turkey oversee partition lawsuits to ensure a fair distribution of the inheritance in Turkey.
  3. Reduction Lawsuit: This lawsuit involves a heir’s request to reduce the inheritance share acquired by another heir. An inheritance lawyer in Turkey examines reduction lawsuits and represents clients in this process.
  4. Estate Determination Lawsuit: This lawsuit aims to determine the assets and liabilities of the estate. Inheritance lawyers initiate estate determination lawsuits to clarify the estate’s status.
  5. Fraudulent Conveyance of Inheritance: An inheritance lawyer in Turkey manages fraudulent conveyance lawsuits to prevent the unjust reduction or transfer of an inheritance in Turkey.
  6. Distribution of Testamentary Dispositions: In this context, a probate lawyer in Turkey organizes the validity and distribution of testamentary dispositions.
  7. Equalization in Inheritance: Inheritance lawyers manage equalization processes when one heir owes another.
  8. Inheritance Claims: An inheritance lawyer in Turkey handles inheritance claims when heirs demand their rightful share from the inheritance.
  9. Cancellation of Testamentary Dispositions: Inheritance lawyers advocate for the cancellation of unjust or invalid dispositions related to inheritance.
  10. Execution of the Will: A probate lawyer in Turkey ensures that wills are executed in accordance with legal requirements. For detailed information about wills, you can review our “Making a Will” article.
  11. Disclaimer of Inheritance: In cases where an heir chooses to disclaim the inheritance, a probate lawyer in Turkey manages this process and informs clients. For the disclaimer of inheritance process in Turkey, you can review our “Disclaimer of Inheritance” page.
  12. Disinheritance: A inheritance lawyer in Turkey represents clients and defends their rights in cases of being disinherited.
  13. Removal from Inheritance: Inheritance lawyers handle requests for the removal of an heir from the inheritance and manage the legal process in this regard.
  14. Distribution of Inheritance: Inheritance lawyers oversee the determination and distribution of inheritance shares to ensure a fair division.
  15. Transfer of Inheritance Share: This process involves the transfer of inheritance shares from heirs to others. Inheritance lawyers manage these transactions within the legal framework.


Inheritance law is a legal discipline that regulates how individuals’ assets and rights will be distributed upon the end of their lives. In Turkey, inheritance law takes shape within the framework of the Turkish Civil Code and other relevant regulations. These legal provisions determine the rights, obligations, and processes of inheritance sharing for heirs.

  • Right of Inheritance and Division of Inheritance in Turkey:

The Turkish Civil Code emerges as the fundamental legal document regulating heirs and the division of inheritance. According to the law, heirs consist of specific classes such as blood relatives, adopted children, descendants, and surviving spouses. The distribution among heirs is determined based on blood relations, the civil status of the deceased, and other existing factors. Accurately determining the right of inheritance and ensuring that the division of inheritance complies with legal regulations is the primary duty of a inheritance lawyer in Turkey.

  • Role of the Will in Inheritance Law

An essential factor affecting the rights of heirs is the will. The deceased can specify the distribution of their assets and rights to specific individuals or organizations through a will. The provisions stated in the will have a significant impact on inheritance law and can greatly influence the division of inheritance in Turkey.

  • Inheritance Lawsuits and Legal Processes

The resolution of disputes in inheritance law often occurs through the legal process, namely the court. Inheritance lawsuits address conflicts among heirs related to distribution, fraudulent conveyance of inheritance, and disclaiming inheritance. In these processes, individuals seek justice through a inheritance lawyer in Turkey, and the court relies on legal regulations to provide a fair resolution.

  • Role of the Probate Lawyer in Turkey

Seeking the assistance of a probate lawyer in Turkey is essential to overcome the complexities of inheritance law and prevent loss of rights. In addition to providing consultancy in inheritance law, inheritance lawyers offer legal representation in inheritance cases. They use their expertise to protect the rights of their clients and effectively manage the legal processes.

In Turkey, inheritance law constitutes a notable legal area due to its complexity and significance. Seeking legal professionals to act in accordance with the regulations of inheritance law in Turkey helps individuals protect their rights and manage inheritance sharing processes more effectively.

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The concept of heirs plays a significant role within the framework of inheritance law and is generally considered in two main categories:

  1. Legal Heir:

Legal heirs are individuals determined by the legal regulations of the deceased within the scope of inheritance law. According to the fundamental provisions regulated by the Turkish Civil Code, legal heirs include the blood relatives, adopted children, and surviving spouse of the deceased. In the event of the death of the testator, this implies that legal heirs will have a specific share in the inheritance in Turkey.

The determination of legal heirs involves the degrees of blood relationship and kinship ties. Among legal heirs, the distribution of inheritance shares is determined based on blood relations and legal regulations.

  1. Appointed Heir:

Appointed heirs are individuals designated by the free will of the deceased, typically through a will. The testator can appoint specific individuals as heirs and allocate a certain share of the inheritance to them through a will.

To be appointed as an heir, the deceased must have prepared a will while alive. The will is a legal document that outlines the desires of the testator and how they wish to distribute their inheritance. This document establishes the rights and inheritance shares of appointed heirs.

Key Points:

  • Legal heirs are generally determined based on blood relationships, while appointed heirs are designated by the free will of the testator.
  • Legal heirs have predefined legal regulations, whereas appointed heirs rely on the testator’s will.
  • Legal heirs become heirs within a legally determined order, while appointed heirs are specific individuals designated in the will.
  • Inheritance law has detailed provisions regarding the interaction and rights of both types of heirs, and in the case of an inheritance lawsuit, the rights of both categories of heirs are taken into consideration.


In the context of the complexity and high-cost elements of inheritance law, an inheritance lawyer in Turkey plays a crucial role in preventing loss of rights. Particularly in the division of valuable assets such as real estate, unlawful practices are often encountered. Consulting an inheritance lawyer in Turkey at this point is of vital importance in protecting the client’s rights and ensuring the complete attainment of legal rights.

Inheritance law lawyers are professionals specialized in understanding the complex laws of inheritance and guiding their clients in this regard. Individuals with reserved shares in inheritance can benefit from the experience of an inheritance lawyer when faced with illegal actions such as asset evasion from the inheritance in Turkey.

Inheritance law encompasses a wide range of topics, and cases often extend over several years. During this process, the service of a solution-oriented inheritance lawyer in Turkey makes the client’s legal proceedings more understandable and effective. In order to eliminate legal uncertainties, organize inheritance distributions, and maximize the protection of the client’s rights, a probate lawyer in Turkey provides significant guidance in overcoming the complexities of inheritance law.

We can give the answer to do i need a lawyer for inheritance; consulting an inheritance lawyer in Turkey is a critical step to providing reliable legal support in inheritance processes and effectively safeguarding the client’s rights.


The inheritance lawyer fees generally varies based on several factors. Among these factors are the lawyer’s experience, expertise, geographical location, and the complexity of the case. Additionally, lawyers often prefer different methods of billing.

Inheritance cases can be emotionally and legally complex, so inheritance lawyer fees for the services of an inheritance lawyer are typically subject to change depending on the complexity and duration of the case. Probate lawyer in Turkey may choose to work on an hourly basis or may request a fixed fee for a specific service.

The inheritance lawyer fees may vary depending on the region where the inheritance case will be heard. For example, the fees for an inheritance lawyer in Istanbul or an inheritance lawyer in Ankara may differ. However, an official regulation has established a minimum limit for the fee of inheritance lawyers. It is prohibited for inheritance lawyers to take on jobs with fees below the amounts specified in the annually updated Attorney Minimum Fee Tariff.

Inheritance lawyers often offer the initial consultation meeting for free or at a low cost. During this meeting, you can discuss the lawyer’s working methods, expectations, and fee policies.

However, to get a clear fee estimate, you will need to contact and have a conversation with a local inheritance lawyer in Turkey. Making a clear agreement on fees is important, depending on the services your inheritance lawyer in Turkey provides and the specific features of the case.

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